An Applied Vision

An Applied Vision

Some styles are born to be classics for a reason, but progression can still exist.

Vaanyard is a modern eyewear label that’s driven by the finer elements of design and quality. We take design cues from the inner city: elements of contemporary urban design, culture and the creativity that emanates from these hubs globally.

Customised materials, colours and hardware.

The best lenses available from the world’s most innovative and quality assured lens manufacturers.

Customised European and Japanese acetates.

Metals and titanium sourced, sculpted and applied for specific purposes.

Hardware (hinges, rivets and core wires) shaped exclusively for Vaanyard.

Conceived internationally, designed in Australia. Handcrafted in the world’s finest eyewear workshops.


How To Read Our Frame Measurements

You can find the frame measurements on all* VAANYARD frames on the inside of the right temple tip (side arm). The measurements are printed in the standardised optical format, which looks like the following:

53 [] 21-145

Lens Width [] Bridge Width - Temple Length

The numbers and symbols printed on your frames represent the sizing of your glasses. To understand each number, we have broken each of the numbers into their individual component measurement.

  • The first two digits are the lens width.
  • The second two digits are the bridge width.
  • The last of the three digits are the temple or side length.

All measurements are given in millimetres.

  • VAANYARD frames with external branding and printing details feature these measurements located on the outside of right temple (side arm).
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