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    Style No. 2


    As low as $460.00

    The embodiment of Vaanyard’s aesthetic. A truly original design that is progressive in every sense. Featuring a flat brow line and rounded tear drop, the 8mm face accentuates the directional appeal of the ULTRASONIC.

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    Style No. 1


    As low as $460.00

    A stand-alone style that is unique to Vaanyard. The COVENANT was designed to be flattering on most face shapes. A take on the classic D-Shape married with elements of a contemporary silhouette that integrates a slightly bowed brow line. A future classic.

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  3. Vaanyard Static

    Style No. 3


    As low as $460.00

    Grounded in the vintage undersized dimensions of Japanese bookish geek chic, the STATIC has been pulled headlong into the 21st century with its bold 8mm thick face and our subtle design changes to the standard round shape.

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  4. Vaanyard Illicit

    Style No. 4


    As low as $460.00

    Designed with a contemporary fashion aesthetic in mind, the ILLICIT is a refined yet robust update to the classic aviator shape. A slightly undersized face width gives this style a slick interpretation for a modern age.

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    Style No. 6


    As low as $490.00

    The statement of Vaanyard’s 8mm thick face drives an added element of fashion cred to this tapered rectangular shape. PRIME TIME’s versatility allows for a broad range of styling options.

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  6. Vaanyard Vapor

    Style No. 7


    As low as $490.00

    A directional edge that comes from its sharper angles and undercover coolness, the VAPOR is geometric and urban with a flat brow line. It resonates as a statement piece while flying under the radar with its sleek and confident boldness.

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6 Items

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How To Read Our Frame Measurements

You can find the frame measurements on all* VAANYARD frames on the inside of the right temple tip (side arm). The measurements are printed in the standardised optical format, which looks like the following:

53 [] 21-145

Lens Width [] Bridge Width - Temple Length

The numbers and symbols printed on your frames represent the sizing of your glasses. To understand each number, we have broken each of the numbers into their individual component measurement.

  • The first two digits are the lens width.
  • The second two digits are the bridge width.
  • The last of the three digits are the temple or side length.

All measurements are given in millimetres.

  • VAANYARD frames with external branding and printing details feature these measurements located on the outside of right temple (side arm).
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